What are some factors that can increase the likelihood of a truck accident?

18 wheeler accidents are typically caused by human error. Every year, around 4,000 people are killed in crashes involving large trucks, and thousands more suffer serious injuries. The motorists who suffer the most devastating consequences of a truck crash are the occupants of the smaller vehicle.

Common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Speeding. Speeding can be defined as exceeding a posted speed limit or as driving too fast for the conditions of the road. Many trucks are equipped with speed limiters, though those limiters don’t prohibit drivers from driving too fast for dangerous road conditions or exceeding lower speed limits.
  • Aggressive driving. When a truck driver practices aggressive driving, they pose a threat to all other motorists on the road. This could include tailgating (following other vehicles too closely) or swerving in between vehicles.
  • Driver inexperience. Veteran truck drivers know how to navigate tight roads in major cities, use special caution in bad weather, and adjust their driving when their trailer is light or empty. But inexperienced drivers might not have the experience to know how to handle these potentially hazardous situations.

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